Burger King: Whopper siren



D&ad brief:

Turn the next generation into flame-grill purists with a big, bold advertising idea.

Think big. Film, print, out of home, stunt...the touchpoints are up to you, but your

campaign needs to get this younger audience talking about flame-grilling.


We turned those noisy fire truck sirens into a chance to get a whopper.

We´ve registered its sound in Shazam as a track that when shazamed it will take you to

the closest Burger King to get your free whopper.

This way we´ve created a unforgettable and improvable relationship between fire and burger king.


CW: Alejandro Gálan

AD: Gautier fenestraz

AD: Marina Perta


Date of creation: 09/03/18

Whopper siren board.jpg