Steps of tomorrow



One Show Brief:

Students must develop a concept that creates or promotes a partnership for peace. Use the TOMS brand and/or products as a vehicle for promoting global unity. This could be through: 

– an exploration of the One for One business model, 

– a new social business model or product connecting consumers with people in need, or 

– a storytelling campaign that links the human experiences on both sides of the One for One model. 

Think about the brand’s opportunity – and responsibility – to unite humanity and make A the world a more peaceful place.


A biodegradable subsole made out of a variety of seed that can grow on dry lands giving the community a new possibility of vegetation and agriculture.

This subsole will be placed on the shoes that are send to the kids in Africa where just playing around and walking to school they can solve one of the biggest issues people there are facing. Lack of food and agriculture.