Adidas:Delivery runners



D&ad brief:

Use the power of sport as a catalyst for change, with an innovative adidas product, service,

brand experience or campaign for 17-25 year olds in a key city. What can adidas do for or

with them to improve the fabric of their city? 

Your idea could be rooted in the life transforming nature of sport, or you could explore the

potential for sport-based activities to impact on other city issues.


What better way to deliver Adidas products than doing sports?

For students living in big cities that can´t find time between working and doing sports we

created a new delivery service that let´s them do both at the same time. By downloading

the Delivery runners app they will become part of the delivery service of Adidas and receive

a notification when an Adidas products need to be delivered close by.

This delivery option will be among the other delivery options. The faster the package is

handled the more money the runner is going to make. 


CW: Alejandro Gálan

AD: Gautier fenestraz

AD: Marina Perta


Date of creation: 28/02/18